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What is an IVA?

IVAs were introduced by the Government as a way to help people who can’t afford to pay back all of their unsecured debts. It is a formal agreement between you and your creditors that can help you repay your debts in an affordable way. You’ll make repayments over a fixed term - usually five years - and your interest and charges are also frozen.

At the end of an IVA, any remaining debt included in the IVA is written off along with the interest and charges.

An IVA will show on your credit file for 72 months.

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What we could help you with

  • Unsecured loans

  • Store cards

  • Credit cards

  • Payday loans

How it works in
3 simple steps

  • Step 01

    Use the IVA Solution Finder and we’ll put together a proposal for your lenders

  • Step 02

    Once accepted, you’ll make one, affordable monthly payment

  • Step 03

    On completion, all unsecured debt included in your IVA is written off

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To find other sources of free advice visit Money Helper. It’s here to listen and give free, impartial, trusted guidance. Based around you and backed by government.

  • Your lenders cannot contact you or pursue you for legal action
  • Over 50,000 people a year becoming debt free with an IVA
  • Upon completion all debts included in the IVA are written off
  • You won’t have to sell your home
  • IVAs were introduced by the government to help people with their unsecured debt
  • Include all your unsecured debts

How an IVA could help you

IVAs were introduced by the Government as a way to help people who can’t afford to pay back all of their unsecured debts.

With an IVA you pay what you can afford each month. Your interest and charges are frozen, and on successful completion, these are written off with the rest of your debt included in the IVA. Over the past ten years, 1000s of people have become debt free with an IVA.

  • We will agree with you a realistic monthly payment
  • Your lenders cannot contact you or pursue you for legal action

What we could help you with...

  • Unsecured loans
  • Store cards
  • Credit cards
  • Payday loans

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Real people,
real stories

How we’ve helped 1000s of people build a brighter future.

Paul works in recruitment. He was £40,288 in debt from loans and credit cards. He wasn’t able to keep on top of his payments. After speaking to us he was able to make one lower, affordable monthly payment of £160. Thanks to this, he wrote off most of his debt over a fixed term of five years.

Figures are based on an actual customer who was recommended an IVA. IVAs are subject to acceptance, we may suggest alternative solutions depending on your circumstances. Fees apply.

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Total unsecured debt


We helped to write off



of Paul's debt was written off

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Other frequently asked questions

  • How does an IVA work?

    Experienced advisors will look at your financial situation with you and work out, based on your monthly income, what you can realistically afford to pay towards an IVA.

    A proposal will then be prepared for your lenders. This will include:

    • Details of your finances
    • The terms of the proposed IVA
    • Reasons why they should agree to your IVA

    Your proposal will then go through the following process:

    • Your lenders will vote on whether to accept the proposal (in most cases they will)
    • Once accepted, the IVA will be legally binding for you and your creditors
    • You’ll start making your months payments for the agreed term
    • After your last payment, any outstanding debt, including interest and charges, will be written.

    Please note, if your IVA fails, you would be at risk of bankruptcy.

  • Will an IVA affect my job?

    For most people, an IVA will not affect their job.

    Keep in mind though, that some employers can have rules against employing people in certain positions who are on an IVA, or have been in the past.

    Your job can be affected:

    • if you're responsible for money, e.g. an accountant, or
    • if you advise people about their money e.g. a mortgage advisor.

    Our advisors will be able to tell you if your job is likely to be impacted.

  • Will lenders stop chasing me?

    Your lenders will have to stop contacting you and chasing you for payments if your IVA is accepted.

    Your lenders won't be able to take any further legal action against you.

  • Will people know I'm on an IVA?

    An IVA is a private agreement between you and your lender. You don't have to tell anyone that you're on an IVA, if you don't wish to.

    Your details will be added to the Insolvency Register until three months after your IVA ends. This register is publicly available, however someone would have to search for your details to find them.

  • What debts can go into an IVA?

    You can pay off any of your unsecured debts with an IVA.

    These include:

    • Personal loans
    • Credit and store cards
    • Catalogue debt
    • Council Tax arrears
    • Benefit arrears
    • Overdrafts

    You can't pay off any secured debts, like your mortgage, through an IVA so you will need to continue to pay these.

    Your monthly IVA payments will take these into account though, to make sure you have money available to pay them.

  • Will my home be affected?

    You don't have to worry about your home. It will be safe on an IVA.

    You might be asked to release equity by remortgaging in the last year. If you're unable to, your IVA could continue for up to another 12 months.

    If you're a tenant, your new monthly payment will leave enough money to cover your rent.

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As part of our free service, we’ll take a look at your financial situation, explain the available options, and advise whether an IVA could be suitable for you. If you decide you want to set up an IVA, we can put you in touch with our trusted provider. If you then want to use their services, we get a fee for introducing you, or for the preparatory work we complete, fees are payable if ongoing services are provided, read more here.