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We can tell you in just one phone call if an IVA could clear your debts.
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Why an IVA could be the best way to deal with debt

Writes off a portion of your debt
Can reduce monthly bills
Agreed with your current creditors
Avoids losing your home
An IVA will affect your credit score for six years – but can write off a significant amount of your debt.

How does it all work?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Get in touch
We get in touch at a time to suit you
2. Snapshot review
Together we’ll walk through your personal finances
3. Listen to the options
If you’re suitable for an IVA we’ll tell you straight away.
The walk away promise
Even after you get our recommendations you’re under no-obligation to do anything. You can follow our advice or simply walk away. Fact.

One call is all it takes to help clear your debts

Why you can trust us

The debt options that could help you...
There are other products you could use to help manage your debts. Here’s a quick look at them.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

  • All your debts will be eventually paid
    Can help give breathing space in your finances
    Could freeze interest and charges
  • Your credit rating will be affected
    Your creditors don’t have to agree to it
    Not all debts qualify for a DMP

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

  • It can clear total eligible debts of up to £20,000
    Stops repayments for 12 months
    Stops creditor contact
  • If circumstances change the DRO could be lifted
    Your credit rating will be affected
    Excludes homeowners


  • It will clear certain debts
    stops creditor contact from eligible debts
    You can apply online
  • Will affect your credit rating
    It stops you from having certain jobs
    You could lose your home

We can help you take the first step

Just remember

If you don’t keep to the guidelines of an IVA, or if it fails, your creditors can petition for your Bankruptcy. If you’re in any doubt or need further advice then please get in touch.

You can still qualify for an IVA with a good or bad credit score

An IVA can help with the following debts:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Council Tax
  • Loans
  • Catalogues
  • Store Cards

Get the ball rolling for a better financial future

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. While an IVA will affect your credit score it is likely that it may have already been affected by late payments or defaults. An IVA will clear some of your debts from eligible creditors – if you want more information on this we’ll be happy to advise.

An IVA normally lasts for five years. If you own a property you will be required to release equity in the property, through re-mortgaging, when you get towards the end of your IVA. If you can’t release equity then your IVA may be extended by an additional year. At the end of an IVA your eligible debts will be written off.

They will be contacted to discuss arrangements and payments on any existing debts. Any contact is done through us. Meaning you don’t have to deal with them directly except for any important notices.

You will need to inform us of any changes. We will recommend an IVA based on your current financial situation if it’s the best course of action for you. But if this changes just let us know and we can act accordingly and help.

Our advice is 100% confidential